Oil & Gas Invoice Management

The problem: generic invoice templates that are not suitable for the oil and gas industry.  The solution: a custom invoice for the oil and gas industry.

GEM custom oil and gas invoice is formatted solely for the upstream service company or vendor.  GEM invoice includes industry specific content that is equivalent to an ERP system.  GEM invoice custom fields include:

  • Standardized well name
  • Standardized Well API number
  • Standardized Operator name
  • Drilling phases
  • Service types: workover, drilling and completion, recompletion
  • Latitude and longitude of the wellsite or jobsite
  • Field ticket number
  • AFE or purchase order number



GEM oil & gas invoice displays information for your customer’s approval.  Approval times are less with oil & gas custom fields.

GEM oil & gas invoice displays sale tax information that is required by the state tax rules.  For example, if performing a well service in Texas the phrase “work on the formation” must be on the invoice.



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