GEM Matrix Mapping

Are you properly charging sales tax on all products and services in each jurisdiction?

GEM product and service taxability matrix will identify the tax determination(taxable, nontaxable or exempt for each product and service.  GEM matrix also provides the statute and regulation that supports each tax determination.

  • GEM sales tax matrix for 24 oil & gas producing states
  • Automated monthly review and update
  • Add or remove products and services
  • No changes required to your general ledger accounts

How do I get my products and services mapped?

First, we meet with you and help you decide the scope of your mapping.  Mapping scope and scale depends on your selling activity in a state.

What is the next step?
You will send to GEM a list of the products and services that require mapping and GEM will start mapping.

What happens to my mapped products and services?
Your mapped products and services are added to your GEM account. You do not do anything to your general ledger accounts. GEM does all the work for you.

What else does GEM do?
GEM gives you mapped products and services with tax determination and statutory support. GEM also provide you with a GEM Accuracy Guarantee! If you are audited a tax is due for a GEM mapped product and service then GEM will pay any penalties and interest. See GEM Accuracy Guarantee.

My products and services are already mapped. Can I bring my own mapping and add to GEM?
Yes, you can bring your own mapping and add to GEM.


Do you have a tax question for GEM? Great! Ask GEM a tax questions.

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