About Geoinvoice & GEM Oil & Gas Expert Matrix

Susette M. McNeel, CPA, CGMA

President and Founder

GeoInvoice was developed out of necessity and opportunity.  GeoInvoice is an innovation and solutions company for the oil & gas industry. GeoInvoice develops automated sales tax solutions for the upstream segment of the oil & gas industry.

Our customer’s success and confidence in sales tax compliance is our purpose. This drives everything we do in every aspect of our company.

No address? No problem.

Avalara and other automated sales tax software depends on address for calculating sales tax. No address? No problem.  Oil wells do not have addresses. I developed a system and method for calculating sales tax for points of sale that do not have a USPS address.  See GeoInvoice patent Location Based System And Method For Calculating Sales And Use Tax.

Finding the right size sales tax solution 

Sales tax solutions for oil and gas industry were either too “enterprise” in scope and cost for the small and medium sized service company or did not exist.  In 2019 I developed GEM Oil & Gas Expert Matrix for small and medium sized service companies and suppliers.

GEM Oil & Gas Expert Matrix is lightweight to use while providing you with an enterprise world class solution.

I worked for various operators in my career including Citation Oil & Gas Corp as supervisor of state and local tax. I obtained my finance degree magna cum laude  from Sam Houston State University   I am certified public accountant licensed in the state of Texas. For fun I play tennis.





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