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QuickBooks Integration with GEM Oil & Gas Expert Matrix


GEM Oil & Gas Expert Matrix is single site solution for invoice management & sales tax  compliance for the upstream segment of the oil & gas industry.  GEM invoices contain required oil & gas content to speed up customer approval time.

GEM syncs with your QuickBooks Online account. Your customers receive a custom oil & gas invoice and NOT a generic QuickBooks invoice template.

With GEM you can cancel your current generic sales tax solution. GEM automated sales tax solution was built solely for the upstream segment of the oil & gas industry.

QuickBooks + GEM sales tax mapping

What is matrix mapping?  GEM mapping takes your products and services and maps each one to a sales tax determination and how that determination is derived.  Your mapped products and services are automatically updated monthly to reflect any tax law change.

GEM Oil & Gas Expert Matrix Mapping

QuickBooks + GEM Oil & Gas Expert Invoice

Your QuickBooks + GEM Oil & Gas Invoice displays custom oil and gas content: standard operator name, well name, API number, sales tax calculation and custom services & drilling phases.

GEM Oil & Gas Custom Invoice – Custom oil & gas content to get faster invoice approval.

QuickBooks + GEM Sales Tax Calculation

QuickBooks + GEM Oil & Gas Sales Tax Calculation

GEM oil & gas sales tax calculation builds confidence in collecting and remitting sales tax obligations.

GEM calculates tax accurately on your mapped products and services for the states you operate in.

GEM includes custom state specific rules for calculating New Mexico gross receipts tax, Wyoming and Kansas drilling phases, Texas well service tax and Colorado enterprise zone exemptions.  GEM oil & gas rules are  state specific.

GEM calculates sales tax at the wellsite, jobsite, corporate office, field office.



QuickBooks + GEM Oil & Gas sales tax reports

QuickBooks + GEM Oil & Gas sales tax reports  that include state required content for sales tax filing.

Each report includes state required content.

Selling in New Mexico?  GEM oil & gas gross receipts report includes the New Mexico nontaxable transaction code and the deduction code.

Selling in Texas? Texas includes location codes and a separate well service tax report.

Sample Texas Sales Tax Report

QuickBooks + GEM Oil & Gas Matrix streamlines sales tax compliance with one application


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