Your QuickBooks Online integration has
been disconnected

You will no longer be able to export invoice and sales tax calculations  from your GEM account to QuickBooks Online.
If you’d like to reconnect the integration, please see steps below.

intuit and us

GEM  Accounts contain customer tax information.  For this reason a launch from your QuickBooks Online GEM App account does not automatically connect to your GEM account.
How to Connect to QuickBooks:

Step 1 Go to the GEM Oil & Gas portal

Step 2 Once you have logged into the your GEM account with your OTP verification, click QuickBooks Connect to sync to your QuickBooks Online Account.

Step 3

You will connect to your QuickBooks account by clicking this button.


Step 4

You are connected to your QuickBooks Online.  If you select QuickBooks Disconnect you will be disconnected and your information will not sync with your account.

QuickBooks Disconnect

We are here to help you.  For Live Help please contact us and we will schedule a Live Help session.

Relax. It’s just sales tax.

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