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What is a sales tax matrix?

What is a sales tax matrix?  A good sales tax matrix will free your mind.  Product and Services A sales tax matrix is a collection of  products and services for your industry. Each product and service is tagged as taxable, nontaxable or exempt.  Each tax tag has a reference to a state law or regulation […]
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New Mexico Deductible Gross Receipts

Gross Receipts and Oil and Gas Construction Services New Mexico allows a deduction for construction services. Specific oil and gas services are defined as oil and gas construction services. Oil and gas services defined as a construction service include cementing, drilling, logging. The gross receipts derived from the performance of these specific oil and gas […]
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January 2023 Tax Up

Introducing GeoInvoice Upstream Sales Tax Matrix Old upstream sales tax paradigm: paper, spreadsheets, network folders, revenue websites, time consuming, steep learning curve, software bloat Innovative cloud based upstream sales tax solution: custom built for the upstream service provider and operator. Software that connects the field to the office, centralized sales tax rules and rates, digital […]
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